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INFOCAR - Great Offer, Great Car

INFOCAR is a licensed used car dealership in Ontario, Canada, serving customers throughout Eastern Canada, and is the first online and offline car service platform in Toronto. Our main focuses include, but are not limited to: used car sales and purchases, discounted new car purchases, and lease transfers. We also provide an assortment of services such as body repair, roadside assistance, driver’s education, limited legal assistance, custom modification, vehicle beautification, etc.

Via our online channel (INFOCAR's website), customers can browse our huge selection of vehicles (new and second-hand) anytime, anywhere. At our physical location, we have a professional sales team to answer customers’ vehicle related questions and assist in the selling and purchasing procedures face to face. INFOCAR is committed to providing our customers with the smoothest, most stress-free auto trading and post-sale experience.

What INFOCAR provides more than cars, is service - let INFOCAR be your personal car experts and leave all your car-related issues to us. We pride ourselves in providing you with a worry-free experience. Whether it is selling, transferring, buying, or picking up a vehicle, you can leave it to us, and know that you won’t have to lift a finger while still receiving the best result.

INFOCAR - Toronto Auto Trading Platform

Professional licensed
Physical exhibition hall

INFOCAR is a licensed Toronto car service platform dedicated to providing customers with the most outstanding car buying experience and after-sales service. Our brand-new showroom covers an area of more than 2,400 feet. No matter when you want to see the car in the store, we can meet your needs and take care of your car buying experience in more detail.

INFOCAR - Toronto Auto Trading Platform

Four Major Platforms
Released in Real Time

Whether it is a transfer car lease, a used car sale, or a discounted new car, we will release channel information at the same time on the four platforms of the website, exhibition hall, WeChat, and public account. At the same time as the density exposes the information of the vehicle source, it is carefully reviewed to achieve efficient transfers.

INFOCAR - Toronto Auto Trading Platform

Rich Car Source
Transparent Price

We have cooperated with many car brand sales online to obtain discounts and good deal information at the first time; offline specialists collect private transfer resources from various channels, edit and publish them in a unified manner, the price is transparent throughout, and each car is clearly marked.