Our Team

INFOCAR consists of a team of young, like-minded individuals filled with passion and ideals. Each member of our team across the administration, sales, marketing, and technology department, plays to their individual strengths to provide a uniquely exceptional service in all areas. We believe that a relaxed and organized work atmosphere is what inspires a person to be enthusiastic and motivated about their work. As such, we make sure that every member of the INFOCAR family loves their job; after all, how can we make you love our service if we don’t? With positivity, ambition, professionalism, consistency, and innovation, we present to you the best possible INFOCAR.

INFOCAR TEAM - INFOCAR - Toronto Auto Trading Platform

Peter Lai

Founder & Chief Executive Officer | 创始人兼CEO

Infocar Email Peterlai@infocar.ca Infocar Phone 6479496021

Natalie Dong

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer | 联合创始人兼CFO

Infocar Email nataliedong@infocar.ca Infocar Phone 6476175888

Eason Wong

Sales Manager |销售经理

Infocar Email easonwong@infocar.ca Infocar Phone 6476850999

Vic Chen

Sales Manager | 销售经理

Infocar Email vicchen@infocar.ca Infocar Phone 6478326152

Super Zhang

Sales Manager | 销售经理

Infocar Email superchao@infocar.ca Infocar Phone 4168979193

Johnny Chong

Financial Services Manager | 贷款经理

Infocar Email johnnychong@infocar.ca Infocar Phone 6478631398

Luke Sun

Sales Advisor |销售顾问

Infocar Email lukesun@infocar.ca Infocar Phone 6478671522

James Deng

Sales Advisor |销售顾问

Infocar Email jamesdeng@infocar.ca Infocar Phone 6476850630

Derek Wong

Sales Advisor |销售顾问

Infocar Email derekwkk723@gmail.com Infocar Phone 6479013361

Kellen Wang

Sales Advisor |销售顾问

Infocar Email shuliangwang97@gmail.com Infocar Phone 9024412816

Seven Wang

Sales Advisor |销售顾问

Infocar Email halo77bob@gmail.com Infocar Phone 514-582-2877

Jeff Lam

Services Manager | 售后维修部经理

Infocar Email info@kvnautoservice.com Infocar Phone 6478635739


Administrative Assistant |行政助理

Infocar Email contact@infocar.ca Infocar Phone 6476175888